Qualified Certificate of Cable
Product name : Bow-type drop cables for access network                Execution standard : YD/T 1997-2009
Type Diametre (mm) Bending radius (mm) Short tension (N) Short crush (N//10 cm) Weight (kg/km)
GJXH 2.0*3.0 15 200 2200 10.9
GJXFH 2.0*3.0 15 80 1000 9.3
GJYXCH 2.0*5.2 120 600 2200 24.09
GJYXFCH 2.0*5.2 120 600 2200 22.49
Technical parameters:
Attenuation (Db/KM): 1310 nm ≤0.4dB/km         1550nm≤0.3dB/km  ,   Mode-field Diameter (1310nm):G657:  8.6±0.49um)
Index of Refraction: G657:  1.4675 At 1310nm,  1.4683  at 1550nm;Applying temperature range: GJXH&GJXFH:  ‘-5°C~+50°C;
DJYXCH&GJYXFCH:   ‘-10°C~+60°C;
Construction points for attention :
1. Indoor cable with metal does not  the electricity performance, do not use as a guide wire! When the introduction of the household, the need to pay attention to the lightning protection measures.
2. Construction process, to avoid fiber optic  cable is too small to cause fiber optic cable to strengthen permanent damage. (Not less than the minimum bending radius)
3. Since the introduction of the cable in the form of the introduction of fiber optic cable in the process of  introduction from the outdooe, need to fix the reinforcement, to protect the cabe force.