Our designs series optical power meter to meet the high demand. It integrates the handheld optical power meter and the intelligent optical power meter in one unit.
It can be used for the absolute power measurement and relative measurement of the link loss in dB.
Its compact size, friendly operation interface, broad power measurement range, high precision and brand-new user automatic calibration function and high performance in application makes it an ideal tool for optical fiber network.


1. Wavelength Range: Specified standard operating wavelength range in which the Power Meter can work properly under certain technical specifications.
2. Power Measurement Range: The maximum and minimum range in which the Power Meter can work properly.
3. Uncertainty: Difference between two measurement results that were tested by Power Meter and another Standard Power Meter respectively.


Standard packages
1.    Handheld Power Meter   —  1
2.    Manual      — 1
3.    Protective Holster   — 1
4.    1.5V AA Battery   —  3
5.    Cotton Swabs  — 1

Components Guide

(1)  LCD:
The LCD screen display the measurement tested in dB, dBm, mW, uW, nW unit; the selected wavelength; the current operating situation and so on.
(2)  ON/OFF Key:
Press the key to turn the unit on/off.
(3)  dB Key:
To test the power value under certain wavelength.
(4)  ZERO Key:
Press the key for auto-zero.
(5)  “λ” Key:
To switch the current operating wavelength between 850nm、 980nm、1300nm、1310nm、1490nm,、1550nm.
(6)  LIGHT Key:
To turn the background light on/off.